Officine Mattio completes its offer with high-performing wheels branded OM.

As all OM frames, also OM wheels are Made in Italy. High quality and reliability played a key role in the development of our collection to guarantee outstanding performance.  

The rim is made of durable UD carbon monocoque and its braking surface of carbon with heating protection shield and resin for high temperature.

The hubs are manufactured with Ceramic Speed bearings and include titanium quick releases.

The Quaranta CS – with a 37mm wide rim- and Cinquanta CS – 50 mm rim- are the two pairs of wheels for traditional rim brakes offered by OM.

For lovers of tradition.

Ciclista con bicicletta Officine Mattio e ruote modello RIM con freno tradizionale
Officine Mattio, ruota bicicletta. fotografia ambientata, carbonio, made in italy

For lovers of tradition.

Dettaglio ruota da strada modello RIM di Officine Mattio con cerchio monoscocca in carbonio
Dettaglio ruota da strada modello RIM di Officine Mattio

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