OM Family


monge roffarello

He has created and developed Officine Mattio.
He has a considerable 27-year experience in the cycling industry, first as a rider, team manager and coach, and later as a businessman, for 21 years now.
He is our “man behind the dream”.


davide lauro

A keen cycling enthusiast, since 2008 he is the organizer of the international Granfondo cycling event “La Fausto Coppi” in Cuneo.
Driven by a passion for cycling and a long-standing experience, he is the head of General Affairs and Marketing at Officine Mattio.



A former professional rider with a long list of achievements, including the Menton Alassio, the iconic international Granfondo La Fausto Coppi and the GFNY Granfondo New York. Ricardo is the youngest of the group and he is the one guiding us during our rides, and heading our South America business division.


roberto barra

He turned years of extensive experience of working in the painting and finishing of high-end products into the world of cycling.
He is the man behind the outstanding customization options of our models.


luca bertero

A professional cycle tour guide, organizer of cycling tours and training camps, and known as athletic trainer.
He is responsible for conceiving and developing Officine Mattio’s cycling trips and riding experiences.

The OM Family

Officine Mattio is made of many varied things but, first of all, it is a team of people that every day with enthusiasm and commitment turn dreams into real projects, ideas into tangible products. 

Here it is: the OM Family!

La famiglia OM: Mattia Magnaldi technical department Officine Mattio

Mattia Magnaldi

Technical department

La famiglia OM: Manuel Colombo Sales department Officine Mattio

Manuel Colombo

Sales Department

La famiglia OM: Elena Bertolino logistics department Officine Mattio

Elena Bertolino

Logistics Department

La famiglia OM: Michele Bertaina Sales department Officine Mattio

Michele Bertaina

Sales Department

La famiglia OM: Fabio Fenoglio technical department Officine Mattio

Fabio Fenoglio

Technical department

La famiglia OM: Marco Arnone technical department Officine Mattio

Marco Arnone

Technical department

La famiglia OM: Erica Foglio Marketing department Officine Mattio

Erica Foglio

Marketing Department

La famiglia OM: Andrea Washam OM Cycling club division Officine Mattio

Andrea Washam

OM Cycling Club Division

La famiglia OM: Stefano Costamagna OM.CC team Officine Mattio

Stefano Costamagna

OM.CC Team

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