Every day you can choose whoever you want to be.

Choose to choose.
Choose to be.

Choose to be bold, take the risk.
Face the climb even if it looks beyond your capabilities.

Choose to be ready, stay focused.
The road can surprise you at any moment.

Choose to be fast, even before the hill begins.
Don’t let adrenaline control you, seek it out. Have fun.

Choose to be fair, sum your strength to one of your mates.
You will halve the effort.

Choose to be stylish, look for perfection.
Fall in love with details, sobriety. Do not shout.

Choose to be loud, stand out.
Show your nature as it is, without compromise. Shout it out.

Choice and Identity

Choose to be means choosing to have the right attitude, the best approach in every situation — in a competition, on the road, in the office, at home. The most important thing is not to remain passive, because when we do not make any decision, when we miss the chance to choose, someone else chooses for us: the other people, society, events that are triggered by inertia.

Choose to be what you want, but above all, choose to choose.


The concept of choice, willpower, taking a stand embraces the world of sports, competitive racing, pure cycling, and at the same time everyone's daily life, which is studded with small big choices.
Self-motivation the night before an important race, the instant before a difficult climb, the will to hold on to the finish line: all this is choosing to make it, all this is choosing to be bold, to be strong, to be victorious.


The invitation to choose extends to the dimension of being, identity and self-expression, as an exhortation to conscious freedom.

Choose to be whoever you want to be, because you can, because you are free. Don't be afraid of contradictions, for human nature thrives on contradictions — one day you feel bold, one day you feel more cautious, one day you want to be in the spotlight, one day you prefer an understated and refined style, but you are always yourself.

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